Sky Ranch Texas Longhorns - Petite but Elite


Many of our cattle descend from this gentle giant. This is Tempter, Texas Longhorn herd sire.  He is calm and quiet .We have used his bloodlines for this reason .   

We bred this steer Rockin Rio . He went to a show home and now is just a big old puppy dog pet and lives in the back yard in North Carolina. Shown as a yearling.

Here's  a  momma cow eating treats. We own her daughter. Longhorns love treats and enjoy human companionship.  We love  momma cows to be sweet and calm.

We just had to buy this heifer. She loves being groomed and lived on five acres of land before coming to Texas to live with us.  She is excellent in every way but also  calm and sweet . We want calm gentle females  as seed stock.  Shown here with her breeder Deedee Strauss.

This steer we bred was sold as a calf ; is  calm and gentle and handled by a thirteen year old girl.  Our owners love our cattle !

We sell not only calm, gentle Texas Longhorns, we sell longhorns who are show quality as well. Here's the proof !

We sell dreams at Sky Ranch Longhorns too! This little girl from Pennsylvania got two fancy show heifers for her birthday. 

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