Sky Ranch Texas Longhorns - Petite but Elite

C3 Lady         Frank Scott  x  Blue Scott   
I love this cow. She did a wonderful job for us.  I struggled to let her go but I sold her to Texas so she could live a more comfortable life without cold winters. I never wanted to have her leave our herd but I felt she deserved a warm climate. 

Rosalyn's Volcano        Volcano  x  Lady Rosalyn

2006 foundation cow. Excellent conformation; excellent producer. Produced a Tempter heifer calf, named Enchanted April . Had another Tempter heifer calf 2018. Exposed to Vandalay a Tempter son out of a Delta Van Horne clone summer 2018.

Volcanic Fire      American Fire  x Rosalyn's Volcano 

2009 daughter of Rosalyns Volcano . 80" ttt horn measurement. Heifer calf by Tempter Tantrum born May 1, 2017 named Volcanic Ashley who is drop dead gorgeous. Exposed to Temper Tantrum and Jenkins ( Tempter x Joyful Rider). 



D/O Grand Passion      Grand Slam  x Sensor's Passion    

Reference dam for  Magic Dragon. Grand Slam  daughter. Three bronzes in horn show case. Second in futurity. She did a great job for us and was an excellent cow in every way. 


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