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Sky Ranch Texas Longhorns 

Excellent  Genetics​​

Beautiful with great eye appeal and conformation

Excellent mothers

Sky Ranch Texas Longhorns  takes  pride in breeding iconic beautiful Texas Longhorn cattle .  We will not settle for anything but the best; using beautiful correct females bred to excellent herd sires selected to compliment each female. 

 Our cattle are an excellent choice for the small breeder with limited land or with many acres. We can match our longhorns to any program and will satisfy the discriminating buyer who demands excellence.  

Cattle we have bred and owned have been purchased by some of the top programs in the country. 


In November 2022, we joined forces with New Age Cattle Company in Cleveland, Texas with a boutique elite group of heifers that is the foundation of our Sky Ranch herd going forward. Our partner on this Elite endeavor, Randy Murry is a successful breeder who has been around cattle his entire life. He brings an outstanding knowledge of nutrition , management, selection of breeding stock and an extraordinary love and passion for this breed. 


He is dedicated to his herd and our collective Elite females. In rain, snow, sleet, heat, freezing weather he will be by their side caring for them. It is with great consideration that we partnered with who we considered an outstanding herdsman and ambassador of this great breed. 



We have curated a group of very special youngsters in our ELITE FOUNDATION FEMALE PARTNERSHIP.  Sharing likeminded values in our desire for breed excellence, we are excited to launch our partnership on these females. 



See ELITE FOUNDATION FEMALES PARTNERSHIP the menu to see our special heifers. 


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