Sky Ranch Texas Longhorns - Petite but Elite
Welcome to Sky Ranch Texas LonghornsWe focus on breeding top quality  registered Texas longhorn  cattle with excellent horn length and attractive twist ; conformation, temperament, color, champion genetics and eye appeal. Our cows are excellent mothers who are able to raise a healthy quality calf.  Only the best bull calves are sold as herd sire prospects as we take tremendous pride in our breeding , in our herd,  and in the Sky Ranch brand.

We have a limited number of  Registered Texas Longhorn Cattle for sale , as we are not in the business of selling cattle in volume or selling culls , rather , we focus on  breeding top quality animals as seed stock for breed excellence. Our clients are all over the country. Sky Ranch is unique in that we have strategically located  our cattle in order to pasture breed on over 8,000 acres  to the nation's largest , highest quality, line up of Texas Longhorn bulls in the US, located in Ohio and in Texas . 

We have the best herdsmen overseeing our cattle with a combined history of 80 plus years breeding Texas Longhorn cattle . In both venues where we maintain our herds, Sky Ranch has enlisted two of the finest most respected cattlemen and cattle operations to assist in our herd management.  Both locations serve as a convenient locale  for our customers . 

Between Ohio and Texas, we have access to over forty to fifty plus top Texas Longhorn bulls at both venues; more top bulls than any other breeder nationwide. 

This allows Sky Ranch to be on the cutting edge of the up and coming bulls as well as giving us access to the proven bulls with huge horn; huge bodies , outstanding color, quality; known to produce excellent offspring. Bulls can make or break a herd. We use only the best in the industry  to service our females. 

We specialize in serving the small breeder who wishes to build a herd or add quality cattle to an existing one and pride ourselves with giving unparalleled customer service and support after you have made your purchase to guide you in your new adventure. 

                                                 Proud member 

International Texas Longhorn Association 

Texas Longhorn Breeders Gulf Coast Association

Ohio River Valley Texas Longhorn Association

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