Sky Ranch Texas Longhorns - Petite but Elite

  Registered Texas Longhorn Cattle for Sale

Sky Ranch Texas Longhorns sells Registered Texas Longhorns 
in Ohio and Texas, our home base to clients all over the US.  All of our Texas Longhorns are excellent mothers ; have gentle dispositions and are beautiful show quality cattle bred to the best  bulls in the country. 

Feel free to contact us about cattle you see on our site. Look under each animal's pedigree for important data, offspring etc.  Our prices are subject to change as cattle mature and develop. Prices may also change due to the birth of a calf or a circumstance that increases the value of the animal, including , but not limited to new measurements. Discounted prices may be offered to clients purchasing multiple cattle. 

                                 FOR SALE

All of our cattle do a beautiful job for us and to list any for sale may imply they do not. For this reason, we have no animals listed for sale. 

If there is a longhorn you are interested in , feel free to inquire. You may email us at the email address or call us. See contact information below.

We thank our clients for their confidence in our cattle and in our breeding.

Contact us at for more information. This is the best way for buyers interested in breeding stock  to contact us.

We also can be contacted  via facebook via Cathy Hawke . 

Sky Ranch Longhorns

 Call 610 913 1224 ask for Steve or Cathy

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