Hot Temper                                        Temper Tantrum x Volcanic Fire

This red headed five year old, born March 2014, is demonstrating excellent lateral horn like her dam. Formal Attire heifer calf "She's on Fire " and another heifer by Trumpter March 8 2020. Exposed back to Trumpter Spring 2020.

Magic Dragon                                     Drag Iron x D/O Grand Passion

Born April 8, 2015 . Age 5 . She is out of a Grand Slam daughter. Had a gorgeous Drop Box  heifer calf born 4/28/19 named Sky Ranch Dream Girl. Gorgeous black and white heifer by Stop Already  born May 2 2020  named Coffee Talk .  Exposed to black and white bull Macanudo   Spring 2020.  Excellent mother and producer.  Sold to Morgan Dixson MR Longhorns Mulvane Kansas.    

Dancing Doll                                     Tempter x Matinees Doll

Born January 2, 2015. Photo 8/15/19. Daughter of one of my favorite cows Matinees Doll. Exposed to Jest Iron in 2019. She's a really cool young Tempter daughter .

Enchanted April                                     Tempter x Rosalyns Volcano

This heifer is from a cow that is an excellent producer and super correct, iconic of the breed with a soft twist, balance and style . Born June 17, 2016, April will carry on her mother's legacy in the Sky Ranch herd. Full sister to Atomic Blonde.  Stocktons Cowboy heifer calf  Spring 2020.