Sky Ranch Texas Longhorns - Petite but Elite

Hot Temper        Temper Tantrum x Volcanic Fire

This red headed four year old, born March 2014, is demonstrating excellent lateral horn like her dam.  Exposed to Formal Attire for a 2018 calf. In with Tempter (see photo) late 2018.

Magic Dragon         Drag Iron x D/O Grand Passion

Born April 8, 2015 . She is out of a Grand Slam  daughter .  Magic had a  Reckon So  heifer calf Spring 2018. She will be bred to Drop Box, a "Tuff" son (at left)  who is  out of the 90 ttt  Jam Packed cow for a 2019 calf. Ohio herd. Photo July 31 2018.

Emerald Slippers    Hidden Treasure x Premier Royal Astra

Born November 23, 2015 she is 22 months in photo . Her sire Hidden Treasure , is a dark brindle son of Concealed Weapon x  Jamaka Treasure Jamakizm daughter) . Her dam , a Tejas Star daughter.  Exposed to JS Gamechanger at left photo.  Texas herd. 

Dancing Doll                     Tempter x Matinees Doll

Born January 2015 she is 39 months in photo. She descends from two great animals . I am so excited to own her. Her dam is off the charts gorgeous with soft twist. Tempter will bring twist, size and docile temperament. This is one special heifer.  She will be exposed to a son of Drag Iron x Overchill  , named Komodo Dragon who is a handsome brindle bull.

Strapless            Reckon So x Overdressed

Overdressed's  first calf born May 31, 2016.  Had a bull calf by brindle son of Cowboy Tuff Chex  x Dragon Pearl , named Cut'n Dried  for a 2018 calf. Will be exposed to Timeline, at left,  a JP Rio Grande son out of Dragon Pearl.Photo July 31 2018. 

Enchanted April          Tempter x Rosalyns Volcano

This heifer calf is from a cow that is an excellent producer and super correct, iconic of the breed with a soft twist, balance and style . Born June 17, 2016, April will carry on her mother's legacy in the Sky Ranch herd. Will be exposed to Deep State , at leftan embryo son of Reckon So x Dragon Lady (over 90 ttt) June 2018. 

Holly Golightly        High Voltage x  Premier Royal Astra

Holly was born December 10, 2016 , two weeks before Christmas. She is out of a Tejas Star daughter . Her sire High Voltage, is a rich brindle son of Tempter x MU Shadow Jubilee ;  a huge gorgeous dappled gray 90 tip to tip female. Holly's dam is a good mother ; with excellent conformation; perfect udder; gentle disposition.  She has many greats in her pedigree. Texas herd. 


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