Sky Ranch Texas Longhorns - Petite but Elite
Date of birth : July 23 2013     
Breeder : Taylor Cattle Co.  

83 1/4 ttt May 30th 2018 age four  ;  76 1/4  at 3 years 11 months                                                                        
Service Sire : Formal Attire 

Photo taken November 7 , 2017 age four   

Bull calf born June 24, 2016 lost to predator

Bull calf born March 2 2018 by Formal Attire

Tejas Star
Delta Van Horne
Tejas Meteorite
Coach Tommie
Texana Tallteller
Bayou Bloomer
Tejas Star
Delta Van Horne
Texana Horne Up
Round up
Texana Trophy Wife
Delta Van Horne

by Formal Attire
(Tempter x Horseshoe J Example)

Born March 2 2018

Texaco by Formal Attire

Texaco at 11 months

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