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             SERVICE SIRES

 Bull power.  A breeding program's success depends on the  selection of excellent bulls. At Sky Ranch Longhorns, we are committed to utilizing the best herd sires available and are committed to striving to compliment our females with the best bloodlines of Texas Longhorn bulls. 

Rather than being limited to one bull and taking a wait and see approach, we have selected bulls that have consistently passed on the desirable traits we wish to incorporate into our herd. Bulls selected have size and structural correctness "conformation"; substance and bone, value colors, horn, temperament and overall eye appeal and quality. 

We have selected these  bulls from some of the best Texas Longhorn producers with over sixty six years of  experience. Timeline , Drop Box  and Cut'n Dried  featured below have been enlisted to service Sky Ranch  Longhorn's females, located In Ohio,  for 2019 calves. 

In Texas, Sky Ranch Longhorns will be serviced by bulls owned and bred by Stockton Burton Ranches. This includes Tempter (bred by  DCCI) High Voltage ,  Formal Attire , JS Game Changer , Komodo Dragon , Stocktons Cowboy , Deep State , Jenkins and Vandalay.

Bulls should have great dams. Before you look at our service sires, look at their dams. These are formidable longhorn females in every way. 


              OHIO SERVICE SIRES  

Cut n Dried

Overdressed  and Dressed to Thrill  service sire. His sire Cowboy Tuff Chex at  100 ttt ;  his grand dam over 98 ttt. He goes back to the great Drag Iron. We expect great things from this bull. Color, conformation and horn all in one package.  Shown age two. 

                                                    Sire: Cowboy Tuff Chex                                            Dam : Dragon Pearl

Drop Box

 By Cowboy Tuff Chex  (100 " ttt) out of Jam Packed  who was 89.5 2017. Grand dam 98+ttt. Exposed to Magic Dragon.  Photo age two.

                                                   Sire : Cowboy Tuff Chex                                   Dam : Jam Packed

Time Line           

Sire : JP Rio Grande                                             Dam: Dragon Pearl
                Tempter daughter , Tempting Play and Reckon So  daughter Strapless will be bred to Timeline       

               TEXAS HERD SIRES 


Rosalyns Volcano , Start Afire, Premier Royal Astra, Texappeal and Hot Temper  service sire . 85.25 ttt 1/28/15. Produced one of the biggest tip to tip females in the breed at 95.50 in 2017 , age six. He has produced a number of 90 " ttt daughters. His offspring have exceptional frame and capacity as well as horn and a docile temperament. I adore Tempter.

Sire: Temptations the Ace                                        Dam: Field of Pearls

Temper Tantrum

 Sire of Hot Temper, Start Afire and Volcanic Ashley

 High Voltage : Sire of Holly Golightly and Britannia.


Formal Attire 

Tempter x Horseshoe J Example son shown as a youngster. His dam is over 90 ttt . Service sire for Hot Temper and Texa-ppeal. 

Sire: Tempter                                                             Dam: Horseshoe J Example                             

Stocktons Cowboy

Service sire for7 Bar Rio Ashley. Son of Cowboy Casanova out of Unbluffed Legend for 2018 calf.

Sire : CV Cowboy Casanova                                Dam: Unbluffed Legend


Emerald Slippers  service sire. He is the son of ZD Kelly out of a Overlyn clone. With Flat horn this mating should be excellent as Emerald Slippers has demonstrated excellent flat horn at a young age. He is deep,  colorful and has excellent twist genetics from Overlyn. 


Sire: ZD Kelly


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