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On September 23 we were so pleased to get the news that the Sky Ranch bred two year old heifer " Chance of Rain" took All Age Grand champion at the Frederick Fair in Maryland. We are so honored a female we bred was recognized  in this way and salute her owners MTS Longhorns on this big win. 

We added some new members to the herd including the stunning five year old tiger brindle, 7 Bar Rio Ashley , a JP Rio Grande daughter as well as Dallas  which is Ashley's two year old son , who measured 70 tip to tip in his second year. In October we added a very large smooth colorful Tempter 6 year old to our Ohio herd. She is one heck of a specimen and I predict an outstanding producer.

We traveled to Texas in April to inspect  our herd and select herd sires for 2018. We have a number of young bulls with 90 ttt dams servicing our females. We ensure the sires are sound and of good temperament and quality. Nothing is left to chance. 

Last year we were honored to have esteemed breeder and legend Darol Dickinson of Dickinson Cattle  purchase one of our heifers we bred. This summer we were honored once again to have esteemed breeder Tom Smith owner of Widespread Ranch select one of our bull calves for purchase , to service his females when he is of age. All of our bull calves were sold within days of being born. We are so pleased that breeders recognize the efforts we make in breeding top quality animals at fair prices. Our goal is to match the animal that best suits our clients needs and goals. 

We have a terrific line up of bulls in Texas and in Ohio.  We trimmed our Ohio herd selling some gorgeous females to clients in Texas. Our herd is very young in Ohio by design, as we feel our brood cows deserve warmer climates as they mature. We  are confident of the quality of our females and service sires and do not breed large numbers and cull. In fact , we have nothing for sale as all calves we offered this Spring are sold.  We have had clients ask to reserve calves . We are unable to ascertain our plans for  future calves but are very honored for the inquires. 

Things are exciting as we just stay the course; and focus on beautiful animals that our clients can trust to be quality animals. We have had a big year and look forward to 2018. 

May 30 2018, we had our four year old Texappeal measure 83 1/4 tip to tip . Hot Temper, who just turned four March 1, 2018 measured    79 1/4 tip to tip. We are pleased with our youngsters and even more pleased that Hot Temper is a member of a four generation cow family we own. 

Welcome to the Herd Tempting Play by Tempter.

Welcome to the herd 7 Bar Rio Ashley by JP Rio Grande.

Sky Ranch bred two year old takes  All Age Grand Champion female at the Frederick Fair in MD September 23 2017. We are so thrilled for her success in the ring and salute her owners MTS Longhorns of Bethel , Pa. 



ITLA  show and convention Cloverdale , Indiana accepting mentors Bill and Sue Burton's award and attending the Convention , Show and banquet

Fort Worth Longhorn Cattle Auction visiting with breeders Tom Smith and Paula and James Wilkins

Herd Inspection Ohio and visit with breeder Deedee Strauss of Premier Longhorns

Talking with Judge and Longhorn breeder, Lana Hightower at the York County Fair

Homebred yearling Magic Dragon in the ORVTLA show held in Wooster Ohio


Sky Ranch Longhorns pulled this year old heifer we bred, out of the field and entered her in the Ohio River Valley Texas Longhorn Association show. She shot up in height and length before the show but she didn't care and went anyway! We were just happy to participate. It was her first time off of the ranch so she wasn't eating or drinking like she should. We spoke to her about that and she assured us it won't happen again. Enjoyed the experience and brought home a third place award . Good girl Magic!

First longhorn bred by Sky Ranch Longhorns is 
featured in a modeling shoot with his  new owner

Sky Ranch Longhorn's youngest client has her dream come true with two new show heifers

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