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Fire Queen

Lag Fire x Wild Fire 373

fire queen 11 5 2023 WEBSITE !! (1).jpg

Date of birth 3/29/21,  this striking heifer is demonstrating lovely lateral horn. Her conformation

is flawless . Her sire LAG FIRE .  Her grand dam paternal is DRAGON FIRE a 94 ttt spectacular Drag Iron

daughter.  WS  Jamakizm , Cowboy Tuff Chex and Drag Iron are in her paternal pedigree  .

She will be exposed to the magnificent bull RJF Lock & Load for her next calf. His parents are 105 ttt and 103 ttt .

He has beautiful conformation and is black white with spots. This girl is on fire! 

Had a gorgeous Justa Diamond Jubilee bull calf October 2023. 


Owned by the GIRLS ON FIRE PARTNERSHIP  (Cathy Hawke/ Andrea Siller). 

The GIRLS ON FIRE PARTNERSHIP is one I have worked to create searching the countryside for a female to share with  Andrea Siller. I sold my very best to Andrea a year ago and with many people in line for them Andrea was the chosen. I knew she was on her way to being a great breeder and a great friend. We will together collaborate on this female as partners , work on herd sire selection and all things FIRE QUEEN. 

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