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Elite Foundation Female Partnership

drink deep (1).png

CR Drink Deep   (Arch Texa x CR Chalice)

HL Chelsea Ann   (CV Cowboy Casanova x  3/3 El Dream Girl)

ringmans annette front (1).jpg

Ringmans Annette 774  ( Ringman BCB x Auzes Reflection 4

rebs roan 4 27 2023 (2).jpg

HR Rebs Roan   (HR Rebel x HR Forget Me Not) 

reb1 (1).png

Peach Puddin   (HH Never Forget x Pip Pip Shooting Star)

adelita june 22 2024 AMAZING (1).jpg

                                           GF Adelita 

                                  Justify  x  Pistola Bandita BCB


june bug sweet! (1).jpg

LTL June Bug 515

                          Tuff It Out x DH Jitterbug

trick me twice best aapril 12 2024 (1).jpg

DBL-K Trick Me Twice    

Done Got Double Lucky x DBL-One trick Pony

quick whitted JUNE  22 2024!! amazing (1).jpg

                                                  Quick Whitted

                                     Texaco x Think Fast

lovin forget oct 16 2023 GORGEOUS!!!.jpg

Lovin Forget    (HH Never Forget x  Lovin Too Much )

Guns & Roses dec 20 2023!!! best ever (1).jpg

Guns & Roses   (RJF Lock & Load x BR Cracklin Rose )

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