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​GW Sittin Ona Investment

​Investment x  JBM Sittin Empriss

We are excited to add this two year old to the Sky Ranch herd. “Penny” has excellent horn growth and measured 70 ttt @  age 2.82 years.   71.50 ttt 5/16/23 . She has flawless conformation, she's sweet; a great mother and  has produced a gorgeous Drag Iron bull calf for her first calf. Who could ask for more ? Date of birth 6/11/20. Will be exposed to Bracewell ( Reckon So x  Dragon Lady) for her next calf.

Sky Ranch Texas Longhorns owner

BR Cracklin Rose

BR Cracker Jack x DC Awesome Rose

 She is genetically blessed. Jammin Jenny is her grand dam paternal side; a daughter of the great WS Jamakizm. Her maternal side she has some impressive cows including Awesome Rosebud and  RT Diamond Ramblin Rose.  RJF Lock & Load heifer born 3/24/23 .  Exposed to Formal Attire a Horseshoe J Example (99ttt) son.  Measured 80.125 4/5/23. . Date of birth 1/31/20. 

Owned By Elite Foundation Female Partnership.

Fire Queen

Lag  Fire x  Wild Fire 373

This  two year old brindle beauty is on fire! She is a spectacular confetti brindle. She has perfect conformation . Her paternal pedigree includes DRAGON FIRE a 94 ttt Drag Iron Daughter. She has Drag Iron, WS Jamakizm, Cowboy Tuff Chex in her paternal pedigree . Her maternal side boasts atleast 6 brindles to infuse future calves with color.


Cathy Hawke/Andrea Siller

fire Queen SEPT 7 2023 BEST.jpg
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