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Terms of Sale


Our cows we offer are wonderful mothers and have done an excellent job for us producing quality offspring. They are paying their way and even making money, by producing outstanding offspring. Our calves are beautiful and out of top bulls. We breed for beauty , conformation, horn, temperament and mothering ability using the top bulls that have siring ability for these qualities as well as frame and overall market appeal and style. 

If you see an animal you like, contact us for more information. We offer top genetics and truly top quality animals with predictable genetics. Feel free to inquire about any of our animals in our herd. Prices are subject to change as a result of, or including the birth of a calf, or circumstances that reflect a substantial change in value of the animal including new horn measurements. 


On the website menu, you may view the pedigrees in depth as well as photos of offspring. Under the herd sire section menu, you can view the champion bulls our females are bred to. Our cattle either descend from champion bulls or are bred to the top bulls in the industry. 

Registrations for our cattle with transfer of ownership is completed by Sky Ranch for our customers upon payment in full. The new owners will receive their cattle's pedigree and proof of ownership from the International Texas Longhorn Association. 


All cattle for sale are in excellent health; cattle are sold to make room for new calves. No inferior animals or culls are ever sold.  


We can arrange for buyers to contact shippers in order to cost share in a load heading to their destination , any where in the US. All sold cattle shipped are examined by our vet and are provided with valid health papers for interstate travel. Reserve a ride cross country; we have trucks traveling all over the US , from coast to coast. Shared rides reduces shipping costs. All cattle must be paid for in full three weeks before pick up or shipping out.


We require half of the total price of cattle as a good faith down payment immediately*, and the other half of the remaining balance at three weeks prior to pick up or prior to the animal shipping out. Fees for board at 2.00/day may apply for cattle that are purchased on terms. In the event cattle are not picked up within a reasonable time frame, 2.00/day board may apply. A zero balance is required three weeks prior to cattle leaving the property. 


In the event that money is not sent at the time of the request to purchase an animal and requests have been made without satisfaction, the offer for sale may be nullified in the absence of a down payment. 


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